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Learning always involves self-transcendence. Learning calls forth what is in us, helping us to move toward authenticity and wholeness.
— Karl Rahner, theologian

I’m never finished learning. I’m passionate about education—both personal and professional. It’s important to me to continually grow as a person and to sharpen my skills as a therapist. I read, take courses, attend workshops, teach courses and workshops, do presentations, write, and participate in my own personal growth on a regular basis.

Specifically I study interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, mind/body integration, spiritual issues (with a particular focus on dark night of the soul experiences and on mindfulness practices), bereavement counseling, group therapy training, leadership and training practices, existential issues, and writing and poetry.

I continually expand my study and training in a way of doing therapy called Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, and other experiential, emotion-based, and body-based therapies. This ongoing study continues to deepen my work dramatically by supporting and strengthening my emotionally engaged, transformation-based, healing-oriented style of doing therapy, and by enriching my skills for helping clients to safely experience emotions in the present moment in therapy. (See: www.aedpinstitute.com, www.sensorimotorpsychotherapy.org/about.html, www.somaticstudies/dsp.html, www.allanschore.com, and www.stephenporges.com for more information.)