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I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.
— Epitaph on the grave of an unknown astronomer

The fit between us is extremely important. Who I am and what I’m like is at least as important as my clinical training, because our relationship will be the container for the changes and healing that you’re looking for. I want you to know that I bring to this work my:

Authenticity. I strive to live an authentic and wholehearted life, and I carry this way of being into my work. I am compassionate, affirming, intuitive, curious, and engaged. And I have a sense of humor—I believe that shared laughter, even in the darkest times, can be deeply healing.

Passion. Being a therapist isn’t just a job to me. I entered this profession as a second career that emerged out of intensive life experience, so I’m passionate about my work as a therapist and what it means. And I’m passionate about my clients’ lives and who they are and want to become.

Faith. My life experience has led me to a fierce faith in the process of transformation. I know in the depth of my being that suffering is not for nothing, and I implicitly trust that when we receive sincere care and support in facing the feelings brought on by life’s challenges, we can find our way to depth and growth.

Fearlessness. Because of my faith in transformation, I am unafraid to walk with people through the darkest of times, and I am not frightened of the unknown. I have a large capacity for holding and exploring intense emotion, and I will not leave my clients alone with feelings, be they deep sorrow or great joy.

Patience. I don’t have a need to rush people into intense experiences or to “fix” people, yet I have a keen sense of when people are ready to be challenged. Some change is fast, some takes unhurried time. I deeply respect and follow the pace and guidance that emerges from my clients themselves.