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Professional Trainings for Therapists in All Aspects of
Dynamic Enriched Experiential Psychotherapy™
(Grounded in AEDP)

My experience in Candyce’s Enriched Skills Training was refreshing and enlivening, and added more energy to my private practice. I felt very supported by both Candyce and the group. The culture was one of compassion and authenticity, so I was able to experience a level of connection that has felt invaluable.
— Jordana Raiskin, LCSW

I offer a wide variety of training and supervision for therapists who want to learn to practice cutting-edge attachment-based experiential psychotherapy.

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About DEEP™
What Therapists Are Saying About DEEP™
DEEP™ Attachment-Based Experiential Therapy Skills and Theory
DEEP™ Spanish-Language Training in Mexico
Enriched AEDP Small Supervision Group
AEDP Essentials and More Study Group
Experiential Therapy Study Group
AEDP/Experiential Therapy Consultation
LPC Intern Supervision
About the Trainer

About DEEP™

My extensive training in, work with, and teaching of Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) and other experiential therapy models, combined with ongoing study of attachment, interpersonal neurobiology, and emotion research confirms for me every day that experiential therapy provides healing and meaning like no other form of therapy. In addition, AEDP practice, combined with enrichments to AEDP that I have developed over time, has proven to be very teachable. Because of this combination of teachability and profound reward for patient and therapist, instructing therapists on how to practice experiential therapy has become a major focus of my work. Thus Dynamic Enriched Experiential Psychotherapy (DEEP™) Training for Therapists was born.

The wide variety of trainings I offer privately to therapists through DEEP represents a rich blend of intensive AEDP training enriched and expanded to include aspects of experiential therapy that I believe are important additions to AEDP. I have chosen to ground my trainings in AEDP because I find AEDP to be a strong, clearly defined, science based, ever-evolving, overarching therapy model. However, there are several key aspects of therapist training I believe are important to working with the close-in experiential realm, that are missing from AEDP. All of my trainings include aspects of therapist self-discovery and expanded cutting edge practices that fill in some foundational pieces that strengthen the therapist to do this work. All trainings are expanded and enriched to include:

  • both AEDP theory and intensive personal self-building of the therapist so that the learned AEDP skills will emerge from a solid internal foundation in the therapist;
  • existential ideas about the nature of suffering, and our role as therapists in attending to suffering, to provide a strong grounding for the therapist when the going is hard;
  • detailed integration of Porges’ polyvagal theory and Shore’s right-brain-to-right-brain research into AEDP practice to strengthen understanding and application of theory via multiple viewpoints;
  • integration of specific body-based work in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy to supplement the body arena that is not well defined in AEDP theory;
  • translation of the crucial regulation theory concept of enactments into experiential therapy’s theory and practice;
  • linking of depth psychology to interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory.

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What Therapists Are Saying About DEEP™

The DEEP training was a beautiful experience as it showed me in mind and body what emotional safety looks like and feels like through the intercession of a trained individual in this method. I have truly achieved levels of joy and understanding in this work that make it so fulfilling and easy to be present in body, mind and heart.
— Engracia Gill, LCSW, MBA

DEEP is the most valuable training that I have ever experienced. I learned more useful information, techniques, and tools from DEEP training than I did in nearly the entirety of graduate school. DEEP not only improves therapeutic relationships and outcomes, but it also generalizes to the relationships and ways of being in one's life.
— Carolyn Boasberg, LPC-Intern

Every therapist should take this training. I learned more than I could have possibly imagined I would, and then some. It unleashes each therapist's innate abilities, and nurtures new skills as well. I was both fascinated by and at ease with the material each passing week. Whether you're a new or seasoned therapist I highly recommend DEEP training.
— Eva Lorini, LPC-Intern

As a brand new counselor I feel very fortunate to be starting out with such a solid theoretical foundation. This body of work combines cutting edge science with the wisdom gained from much clinical experience. It has provided me with something I didn't realize was possible – a well-defined map to the territory of the human mind and heart and the skills to navigate it. As I begin to apply what I have learned in the DEEP training and make it my own, I am awed by its power. As Candyce says, “This stuff works!”
— Elizabeth Kubala, Counseling Practicum Student

The most profound change I have experienced because of our training group is my ability to get closer to my clients' emotion. Just by naming the implicit, emotion that is heavily guarded becomes far more accessible as clients respond to the resonance. While my natural instinct and impulse was always to go toward emotion and to work relationally, the anxiety it sometimes provoked had me stumbling over my words. My training with Candyce gave me the permission and the tools to use what came naturally to meet my clients exactly where they were emotionally and to be there with them in an explicit way. My clients are visibly impacted by this style of work and seem to be having a far more visceral experience of awareness, connection, and transformation in the room. I highly, highly encourage therapists to attend the training that Candyce offers.
— Patricia Carter, LMFT

I recommend Candyce’s training because the richness of content and breadth of connection it fosters between Candyce and the group members feels both humbling and profoundly enriching. Thank you.
— Matthew Magruder, LPC-Intern

I recommend Candyce’s Enriched Skills Training because we are most often asked to be with people who are in emotional distress; knowing how to be with and how to help people with those feelings is critical. This course teaches that knowing.
— Patricia Florence, LCSW

The Enriched AEDP Skills Training course provides a good foundation in AEDP, and the videos are a rich source of experience on “how to do it.”
— Sue Kullerd, LPC

My experience in the Enriched Skills Training was refreshing and enlivening, and added more energy to my private practice. I felt very supported by both Candyce and the group. The culture was one of compassion and authenticity, so I was able to experience a level of connection that has felt invaluable.
— Jordana Raiskin, LCSW

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DEEP™ Attachment-Based Experiential Therapy Skills and Theory

Using AEDP as a jumping-off point, and expanding to include the latest updates in neuroscience, attachment theory, and humanistic applications, these two intensive private training courses translate the theory of attachment-based experiential therapy into practice. The courses teach concrete skills that help you to know “how to be” and “what to do” in the practice of this 21st-century, emotionally engaged therapy. These trainings integrate didactic teaching, instructor video demonstrations, experiential exercises, live therapy demonstrations, and group process for a rich training experience. Graduates of this training course receive a certificate of completion and a listing on this website. Both groups begin in Fall 2013.

For syllabus and detailed course information, see:

Skills Training Option 1

  • 5 Weekends; All Day Saturday/All Day Sunday
    • September 21-22, 2013
    • November 16-17, 2013
    • January 11-12, 2014
    • March 8-9, 2014
    • May 3-4, 2014
  • Commitment to entire year required; CEUs at no additional cost
  • Group size limited to 8
  • $2,100 total; $200 deposit upon registration, deducted from tuition
  • 2 Payment Options: Five $420 payments due on or before each class weekend; OR 5% discount if year's tuition is paid in lump sum ($1,995) on or before August 15th.

Skills Training Option 2

  • 2 hours per week; Wednesdays 12:15-2:15pm; September 4, 2013 – June 25, 2014
  • Commitment to entire year required; CEUs at no additional cost.
  • Group size limited to 8
  • $2,100 total; $200 deposit upon registration, deducted from tuition
  • 2 Payment Options: $210 per month for 10 months, payable at first meeting of each month; OR 5% discount if year's tuition is paid in lump sum ($1,995) on or before August 15th.

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DEEP™ Spanish-Language Training in Mexico

Integra Humanistic Institute for Body Psychotherapy (Integra Instituto Humanista de Psicoterapia Corporal) has invited Candyce to present a 3-module DEEP™ training course at a retreat center outside of Mexico City. Candyce will present this exciting 3-module training course in English, and it will be simultaneously translated into Spanish by the Integra Institute Director. The course will include didactic teaching and discussion, live therapy demonstrations and supervision; video of actual psychotherapy sessions (in English); and extensive experiential exercises. North Americans are welcome to attend!

For detailed information, go to the Integra Instituto Humanista de Psicoterapia Corporal website! If you're from North America and you're interested in registering, please contact Candyce directly.

The Mexico training takes place in 3 Modules of 3½ days each:

Module 1 - Overview and Building Blocks of DEEP Experiential Therapy
October 11-14, 2012

  • Attachment Theory and Developmental Theories
  • Interpersonal Neurobiology
  • Body-based Theories
  • Mindfulness and Emotional Readiness of the Therapist
  • Healing and Transformation Focus and Practice
  • Creating Safety for Patient and Therapist

Module 2 – Working With Defenses: When It’s Hard to Connect
March 21-24, 2013

  • Understanding where defenses come from
  • Understanding what heals defenses
  • Understanding how to recognize defenses
  • Many tools for working with and around defenses

Module 3 – Working with Emotion and Learning to Metaprocess
October 10-13, 2013

  • How to facilitate emotional experience
  • How to stay with and complete emotional experience
  • How to regulate and contain emotional experience
  • How to metaprocess, or focus on the therapeutic relationship and on the present moment experience of transformation and healing
  • How to witness and facilitate authentic-self, awakening experiences

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Enriched AEDP Small Supervision Group

An ongoing, private opportunity to learn the theory and practice of AEDP in the inspiring company of other motivated colleagues. This group integrates a primary focus on supervision from videotape with didactic presentations and demonstrations by Candyce.

  • Every other week on Wednesdays, 2:45-4:45pm
  • Group size limited to 4
  • $80 per meeting
  • For more information:
  • If you're interested in joining one of these groups, contact me.

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AEDP Essentials and More Study Group

Stimulating, informal, in-depth blend of readings in experiential therapy, interpersonal neurobiology, attachment, and other cutting-edge areas, with case consultation, and instructor video demonstrations. Discussions and process in this group are lively, passionate, and engaged. Have fun while learning a lot.

  • 3-hour monthly meetings
  • $110 per meeting
  • CEUs available at no additional charge
  • Third Friday of each month, 12:30-3:30pm
  • For more information:
  • If you're interested in joining the study group, contact me.

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Experiential Therapy Study Group

This ongoing group is for therapists of all experience levels, and is attuned to its members as people, clinicians, and learners. This group is a collection of smart, passionate, engaged, supportive therapists who love to learn and laugh together. Learning takes place via discussion of readings and engagement in clinician support such as case consultation, therapist self-care, practice building, and more.

  • Ongoing weekly study group
  • $50 per meeting
  • CEUs available at no additional charge
  • Wednesdays, 8:30am-10:00am
  • For more information:
  • If you're interested in joining the study group, contact me.

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AEDP/Experiential Therapy Consultation

  • Telephone or in-person supervision/consultation in AEDP and other experiential therapy; with our without videotape
  • Individuals or pairs
  • 50-minute supervision sessions
  • $150 per meeting
  • Contact me for an appointment.

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LPC Intern Supervision

  • Board-approved supervisor for LPC Interns
  • 50-minute supervision sessions, usually weekly
  • $120 per session
  • Contact me for an appointment.

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About The Trainer

  • I am a clinician, supervisor, trainer, and writer in private practice.
  • My therapeutic perspective has emerged out of intensive life experience and rigorous training.
  • I have actively lived and studied psychological and spiritual perspectives of suffering and transformation for 20 years.
  • I have actively pursued my own therapy for over 20 years.
  • I am the only certified AEDP therapist in the state of Texas, and I served on the AEDP Institute Faculty for 3 years.
  • I trained for more than 5 years with Diana Fosha, AEDP Founder, and with Ron Frederick, AEDP Senior Faculty.
  • I have extensive experience working from an AEDP perspective with individuals and groups in the areas of trauma, grief, life transition, depression, and parenting; as well as in teaching, leading groups, and supervising interns.
  • I continue to study body-based therapies and updates in interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory on an ongoing basis.
  • To enhance my body-based therapeutic work, I have completed Level 1 of Pat Ogden’s Sensorimotor Psychotherapy training.
  • To further enhance my body-based therapeutic work, I am currently engaged in Ruella Frank’s Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy training.
  • I have studied and presented with Stephen Porges.
  • I have attended multiple study groups with Allan Schore.
  • My warm and emotionally engaged style provides a safe and connected atmosphere for growth and learning.

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